Jingle Bells Jury

Jingle Bells Jury

In Jingle Bells Jury, the town of Candy Cane, which is just south of Toyland, puts young Jim Dandy on trial because he has lost the Christmas Spirit. Can Judge Pfeffermuesse and the many witnesses (local citizens of both towns) help Jim remember where he left it, and keep order in the Candy Cane Court?

Show Dates

  • Dec. 3-11, 2016
  • Saturday & Sunday @ 2:00 pm


  • Rating:Suitable for all ages.
  • Running Time:Approx. 30 minutes


  • David Brush – Jim Dandy
  • Bevan Olstand – Judge Pfeffernuesse
  • Charlene Brush – Prosecuting Attorney
  • Steven Yakish – The Toymaker
  • Theresa Sergneri – Snow
  • Randy Brown Martin – Mrs. Eggnog

Crew & Creative

  • Written by:Jay Moriarty
  • Directed by:Cheri Barbre