Call for Auditions: The Cemetery Club

Auditions Information

The Masquers Theater will hold auditions for The Cemetery Club on March 10 and 11 at 4:00 pm. The show will run June 15 through July 1. All are welcome.

The following characters will be cast:

  • Ida – Late 40s to early 50s
  • Lucille – Late 40s to early 50s
  • Doris – Late 40s to early 50s
  • Sam – Early 50s to mid-late 60s
  • Mildred – Late 40s to early 50s

About The Cemetery Club

They were six, and then they were three… The Cemetery Club is the comedic story of three widows, Doris, Esther, and Lucille, whose husbands die one right after the other, after which the wives meet for lunch following their weekly visits to their husbands’ graves.

Will their friendship endure despite obstacles such as envy, a new man, and differences of opinions on the lives they now lead?

The Cemetery Club is directed by Carol Boyce.

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