Play On!

Written by Rick Abbott and directed by Carol Boyce

     Play On! is a play about a community theatre group, such as Masquers, as they rehearse for a play. You might say it is a director’s worst case scenario.

     As director Carol Boyce says: “Your theater is a small, operate-on-a-shoestring-budget group. The play your group is going to do, Murder Most Foul, could put the budget back in theblack...IF the players would play nice together, IF the “personalities” didn't get in the way..oh, and the biggest IF: IF the playwright would stop bringing in re-writes up to and including three days before the show. Your director, Gerry Dunbar (Connor Wentworth), guides his group from one near shipwreck moment to the next. Aggie (Pat Schaeffer) and Louis (Steven Yakish), his trusty stage crew, mostly help him but sometimes can’t help but find the rocks along the way.

     Rounding out your cast: Billy Carewe (Patrick Rosman) and Violet Imbry (Holli Bosnar) {no one is supposed to know they are seeing each other BUT everybody does}; then you have Henry Benish (Donavin Brush), and Polly Benish (Kathleen Stahl), old salts of the theater, as well as Saul Watson (Clifford Bresee), a bit of a jokester, and Marla “Smitty” Smith (Sophia Hendrixson), the young blood in the group.

     As much as you would like to, you cannot forget Phyllis Montague (Joanne Bracht), the playwright, mostly because she won’t let you forget her.

     Lines are skipped. Sound effects come on at the wrong times. Phyllis brings in endless rewrites, even moving scenes from one act to another, and attempting to change the plot entirely, which throws everyone in a spin. Then there are the ego and temper flares, to which no one is immune. That's all before intermission!

     Your cast knows they must keep it together. So in the final act they do bring it together...and no one gets killed. After all, they are professionals and the show must go on! And so...PLAY ON!”

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Please arrive 1/2 hour before curtain